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May 31, 2008


Ed S.

And I thought we loved radios, pffft.
Jeff, you missed all those opportunities for bad puns (except for "mechanics" of the operation, ha!); your restraint is admirable: ie, his girlfriends are "high maintenance"...does he like newer cars, or is he into "Cougers"?... and nothing about him being "auto-erotic."

Just remind me never to buy a "used" car from him!

Jeff McMahon

At the end of the article, he says he once, in a moment of infidelity, made love to a helicopter.

Jeff McMahon

In the article he says that, in a moment of infidelity, he made love to a helicopter.

gerald johnson

me and my wife are going out to the car and checking for suitable orifices! i never knew what a dual role the old chevy could provide!

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