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July 21, 2008



Thanks for posting instructions for removing volume limiter "hospitality mode" in the Horizon. BA tech support also contacted me the same business day I submitted the issue and I was able to restore normal volume operation in a Horizon Duo-i (with iPod cradle). My unit now operates normally, so far without any other issues.

jeffrey McMahon

I hope it works out well. I truly love my BAHS in spite of its minor bugs.


Does anyone know the numeric universal remote control codes for the Boston Acoustics Horizon series radios? I'm finding 447 listed many places, but this code does not work with my BA Horizon. I have my television/dvd sound patched through the radio and was hoping to control everything with a single remote.

jeffrey McMahon

I'm unclear: Are you trying to set up your Solo so that it can be activated with a remote? Or are you talking about another BA model that has a remote?

In any event, I regretfully don't have the codes.



thanks for the info---am in love again with radio

jeffrey McMahon

You're welcome.


Boston horizon DUO has the same problem.
The solution work also very good.
Thanks a lot!
(I'm new owner of BAHD and I was very afraid of being in trouble so early with my device!)_BAHD what a sound!
Question how does the hospitality mode switch on? itself?!?


I only know how to turn it off. I never tried turning it on. I have a Duo as well. I find the remote is a bit touchy. You have to aim it just right. Is that the case with yours also?


I tried my Duo R/C, and it works well 45 degrees off axis at 12 feet away. No problem.
Try putting a new battery in your R/C Jeff, and be sure the "electric eye" above the "ALARM 2" button is not obstructed.


If I can replace the battery, I will. For my Eton Sound 100, the remote cannot be change. The entire remote has to be replaced. That's according to Eton whom I called. As far as the Duo goes, I hope I can indeed change the battery, but being new, I should first check the electric eye path.


There is a latch on the bottom of the R/C that allows you slide out the drawer that holds the battery, one of those coin-type (sold at CVS, RShack, etc). Also, if sunlight or other strong light is shining on the Duo's electric eye, the R/C's signal may be swamped. But I think it's the battery.


I aimed at the eye above the alarm and it worked well. However, I'm glad I can change the battery and not have to buy a whole new remote every time. Thanks.


This was awesome information! I didn't know why the volume got stuck and this worked like a charm!


It happens too often and too easily. Glad to have helped.


I think you have a thorough understanding in this matter. You describe in detail all here.

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