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October 30, 2008


Tom Welch


The new Sangean WR-11 will be a killer radio for most folks. The AM band is only questionable for folks who want to listen to hate radio. At least that's the way it is here in greater Phoenix area.

Lucky you, the AM bands have very diverse programming in the LA area compared to here in Phoenix.

As I'm sure you're aware, Arizona is a backward looking state with as many right wing kooks as say the states of Alabama or Alaska combined.

Right now, I love my Sangean WR-2 with remote control. Hopefully, when Sangean releases a new version of the WR-2, they make things very simple (setting alarm and snooze functions are just way too complicated) AND they can delete the AF and CT functions since they're not used in the USA.

My $0.02

jeffrey McMahon

Thankfully, I don't have to use the alarm functions on my WR-2.



Maybe it's my web browser but it looks like there is one "http:" too many in the link.

This looks like a facelift of the old WR-1 (which incidentally is about 10$ cheaper for you lucky US amazon customers), doesn't it?

Hopefully it will be at least as good in all departments...

jeffrey McMahon

I'll recheck the link, thanks. Yes, it looks like the WR-1.


You can get a Cambridge 705, the discontinued version of this Sangean for about $39 after the 30% discount on Ebay. I like the Black Onyx model which was selling for about $36 a few weeks ago.
But, I've all but sworn off analog tuners unless the radio has a sensational speaker.



Manly Bike for Sale


¾ Blind

I wish Sangean would make a stereo version of the WR-1/WR-11. Though I acknowledge for a radio this size one large speaker usually sounds better than two smaller speakers, some recorded music just sounds muffled or phasey when folded down to mono. Sangean's HDR-1 is ergonomically challenged. It also received mediocre performance reviews. The WR-3 at $300 costs three times as much and has a built-in CD player that just adds complexity. (I think CDs are a dying format, much as I hate to see physical media disappear.)
My 0.02¢.

jeffrey McMahon

Funny, I too have a Giant bike. I hate it. It's uncomfortable. And cars always come close to hitting me.

I had no idea that the Cambridge was a re-badged Sangean.

I can't swear off analog radios: I am in love with my Panasonic RF-877. Hard to listen to anything new radio after enjoying a vintage analog.


Don't know about the Sangean, but some of these mono tabletop radio have a stereo out for headphones, so one can still benefit from stereo if necessary.

Although I never tested that personally, I read many complaints that two fixed and close stereo speakers (Duo or WR-3 style) are do not do much better than a good mono speaker anyway.

jeffrey McMahon

I have the Duo and the Solo. Both are great. The Duo fills a room faster but has more FM static on some weaker stations.


It is a good looking radio---Sangean always seems to get that right. AM is of utmost importance to me. Good AM should pick up stations from distant cities, so the fellow in Arizona could try to find "Air America" or some other left wing borefest (no wonder they get no ratings). I guess I'll stick with the hate radio, though I'm not a hateful guy (except hating huge tax increases).

jeffrey McMahon

We've got good AM here in LA. AM is diverse, the way it should be.


I guess the Cambridge 705 could never do more than marginally compete with the Tivoli and maybe WR-1, Crosley, in that $119 priced mono table model market?
And I'm a little surprised Sangean is hanging in there with a cheaper WR-11 to go against the TivModel 1.

My comment about staying away from analog, is for this type of radio only. For certain vintage stuff I'm cool with it.
But against a BAR or a Solo I don't see any advantages.

jeffrey McMahon

I agree. The only analog modern radio I use is the Eton/Grundig S350 because its FM/AM reception is so good.

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