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November 04, 2008



i hate hipsters, they're worse than nazis

Jeffrey McMahon

The self-consciously affected, cooler-than-thou hipster is very annoying.

I would distinguish such a poser from an educated cosmopolitan who pursues things out of genuine intellectual curiosity without any pretension.


"Hipster" hasn't been a "hip" word since 1960. If you'll remember, it morphed into the despised word "hippie" in the Sixties. Any 21st-Century useage is severely anachronistic.


I feel like most people define a hipster just because of the clothes they wear and not because they're ironic. There are certain aspects to someone that makes them a hipster, but I think most people don't really know what 'hipster' really defines and therefore are opposed to people they think are 'hipsters'.

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