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November 14, 2008


MichaeL Brent

I dont know about the other hipsters but this hipster has been on a diet for 1 month and has lost 16 pounds and tonight Im going with a friend to my favorite Chinese eatery and eating myself into a coma.

jeffrey McMahon

Try to keep the calories around 1,500 during your feast. Don't eat 3,000. You'll get sick.

Michael Brent

How many calories in a reasonable
portion of honey walnut prawns and mu-shu pork?
You know what they say..........Tis better to have mu-shued and lost than never to have mu-shued at all.

jeffrey McMahon

I've gotten to the point where I can estimate the calories. I'd say one helping is 500, so 2 helpings of prawns and one mu-shuh, some rice and a diet Coke and you'll be around 1,500, perhaps 1,700.

Michael Brent

Cool, thanks.
You have a bright future as an on- line nutritional consultant.

jeffrey McMahon

I've been obsessed with food all my life. I'm not sure that gives me creds to be a consultant or not.


Most hipsters I know eat tons of cereal. I agree most of the hipsters I know eat small meals frequently.


I don't know any hipsters. Is that bad?


I suppose "being a hipster" is an affectation, a pose; on the other hand, there are urbanites who are on top of the latest trends and they are tagged "hipster."


This is absolutely hysterical and inspirational! Kudos :)

Blake D

Thanks for sharing this post. Interesting eating habits. I may have to give it a try.

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