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February 05, 2009



Yes, the lack of a search facility makes things difficult (though googling eg. radio model + herculodge usually works). If you have the time and inclination, please add any new thoughts/updates to the old reviews. I often like the "Update" additions. They kind of put things in context, and give the sense of ongoing radio-relationships.

Jesse Menn

I can probably host it if you don't mind the blow to your narcissism by having a jessemenn/herculodge/ or herculodge.jessemenn.com addy.

You're not paying for your hosting here, are you?

jeffrey McMahon

I pay 95 a year and make enough on ads to pay for it. I need to look and see if their "premium" version has a search function. If not, maybe I'll try the Jesse plan.


Google works just fine for searching. Do you know that your postings are almost *immediatley* indexed by Google? (I mean within 5-10 minutes).

Just try the "site" option in Google:


Jesse Menn

Oh, I got most ads blocked so I never noticed you had them. My mistake.

jeffrey McMahon

Paul, thanks for the heads-up, especially for new readers who need to pinpoint radio reviews and the like.

Jesse, typepad as far as I can tell doesn't have a search feature, even for their business class subscriptions, but I could be wrong.

S Patrick

blogspot is a good blog that archives everything. You can use a simple meta tag to redirect those visiting this url to your new blog location.

I also block almost all ads via FireFox adblock so I've never noticed any ads here either.


And for what Jeff pays us, his site's contributors, ie, bupkis, you expect *new* material every day??

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