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March 05, 2009



I've got a 1970s era Sony table radio in my office at work. Being an office building, the reception is pretty crappy. So, my solution to the problem was to get a pair of FM rabbit ears from Radio Shack and a 15 foot length of 75 ohm coax with the standard TV (Type F) connectors on both ends. I also got a 300 ohm adaptor for the back of the radio that would hook up to the antenna terminal screws and the coax. I also purchased a 75 ohm barrel connector so I could hook the coax up to the FM rabbit ears (being that both the ends of the coax and the rabbit ears have male connectors, got to have a female barrel to plug them both into.)

I then moved one of the suspended ceiling tiles above my desk and put the rabbit ears up in the ceiling and dropped the coax down the wall to my radio. Reception for the stations that I listen to is pretty good. I used this technique in my office in the building where I was located before and it also worked really well. So, you might want to give it a try.

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