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May 27, 2009


Account Deleted

It's name is OCEAN, not OKEAH. Try to search by its true name on Ebay, or "Okean". Also exists export version, named "Veras" (BEPAC in russian), they has better quality and tuning, and his FM band covers 88-108 MHz instead of soviet 64-72 MHz.

Jeffrey McMahon

Thanks. I made the edit.


Actually, it wasn't Jeff's fault---I'm the one who submitted the review and called it Okeah. I was reading off the radio.

Eugen Mezei

You can find it also as Smena. (Written with latin characters.)
My father had one, bought in the eighties. In those times products for population consume were scarce in Romania, and imported goods even more so. You could get romanian electronics products but they were of bad quality and mostly avoided. GDR, polish and soviet electronics were the ones sought after.
So he bought this Selena, more out of luck. I think it was pretty expensive and people didn't grab them the first day they were in the store.
This became the family radio for hearing Radio Kossuth from Budapest on MW (AM) and my father heard Radio Free Europe and Voice of America on it all night long. (These were of course forbidden.) I remember the frequencies on short wave: 49 m, 41 m, and some other.
On a visit to relatives of my mother in Sz├ęklerland (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sz%C3%A9kely_Land), the family head was so impressed by the radio that he wanted one too and tried to buy it from my father, I think he offered him more than the store price was. My father decided to keep it.
Later on our relative got himself a Smena too, he was the local Communist party secretary in the village and put his conections to work. I'm just wondering if he also used it to listen Free Europe. :)
My grandmother bought herself a VEF, when she was visiting relatives in Budapest. In Hungary you could get soviet (and not only) products without problems. We have inherited the radio after she passed away. She listened mostly to Kossuth Radio.
Some years ago I got an orphaned OKEAN, so comes I know this is similar to the Selena, just minor cosmetic differences.


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Laszlo Kalmar

Hi, I am a happy owner of three such radios and I must say those not only look surprisingly good, but also excellent from the point of view of construction and design, both mechanical and electrical. They hold all the bells and whistles: tuned RF stage on all AM bands, what suppresses the mirror reception (especially important on SW bands), stabilized bias, which makes the radio usable even at exhausted batteries and prevents drift. The entire radio can be removed from its wooden cabinet and still remain operational, a relief at repairs. The sub-assemblies are easy to separate, I know because the FM tuner needed a re-tuning to 88-108 MHz, instead of the lower frequency used in Russia (I live in Hungary), but it was straightforward.
The Okean series and its export counterpart Selena were built originally with germanium transistors, but the later releases held silicon transistors and even integrated circuits in their FM tuner and power amplifier modules.
Later, post-1990 releases lost the wooden cabinet and look poorer. I did not study them, though.

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