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May 25, 2009


Mike W

I first heard about this Sanyo around two years back on a Yahoo radio newsgroup, by someone pointing out that the designers of the Grundig Satellit 750 must have been influenced by this older model.

At the time, I started looking for the RP-8880 and discovered that it is indeed rare, as the seller claims. I would gladly have paid $265 then, but not now. My RF-2200 fills (almost) the same niche, and I have to admit that I don't even use that as much as I expected.

My reaction now to seeing an RP-8880 in such good shape is that it's a reminder of how poor a job was done on the GS750, a real shame given how much potential the design had.

Jeffrey McMahon

For the GS750 to fail in an AM comparison to the PR-D5 speaks most centrally of its failure. Sorry for the elephantine syntax.



Mike W

I suspect it will be a while before an RP-8880 as clean as that one shows up on eBay again.

Jeff, elephantine or not, you hit the nail on the head. A rig that bills itself as the successor to the Satellit line should not be be getting blown away by a $75 Sangean.

Jeffrey McMahon

And now I hope the Sangean PR-D5 gets beat by its bigger brother the CCR2.


Didn't one of these come up a few months ago? And at the time, I seem to recall researching a little and reading that these units had their share of technical problems/issues. Hopefully I'm not confusing it with something else---but I recall being excited about it until I read up on it.

Mike W

You're correct, Angelo, I just wish I could remember the details.

The band switch commonly gives out, or one of the bands stops working, something like that.

E Wagner

I purchased the Sanyo RP8880 and am presently evaluating it against my Panasonic RF-2200 & modified Radio Shack DX-398. Well, the DX-398 is strictly in the mix as a 'marker' for those whom own the unit. It can not realistically compete on any level in the area of signal retrieval even with its RadioLab mods. As for the conveniences of dialing in and storing information on the digital DX it is great. Within my first 24 hours I can say that the Sanyo has a better speaker than RF-2200. As for performance I have not yet been able to tune into a SW signal with the RF-2200 that the Sanyo can not match or outperform. With its RF Gain, Antenna Adjustment dial, Pitch Control and 1MHz-100kHz, 10kHz the Sanyo offers more individual adjustments to dial in a signal and the Band Spread Dial is a nice tool. I am liking this unit allot. Granted the RF-2200 essentially does the same thing, its just that the RF-2200 does not give you the individual option the Sanyo does. Its kind of like comparing and automatic focus camera vs a manual focus camera. Sanyo being the manual focus. Hope this helps. Thanks

Robert Havens

is this a fully functional Sanyo RP8880 radio? may be interested in buying it if so. Let us know

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