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August 19, 2009


Richard Kalman

I have had a 320 for what seems like forever. Except for the lack of electronic tuning with presets it has been a marvelous radio. But there is one problem.

Has anyone experienced the radio station "wandering" as if the tuning knob is moving a slight bit away from the desired setting? My suspicion is that this is either the band that connects the tuning knob to the tuner, or the electronics are unable to keep a lock on the station.

Any ideas?

Sal Accardo

While I own the 320, I also own two pairs of Proton's high end unit, The Radio Model 300 and the amplified side speaker 301. They are terrific products, although they sometimes have problems with age. I'm trying to convert on pair to a clock radio using the Enover Plug-in Digital Outlet Timer. Since the manufacturer cautions using it with any device having a load exceeding 15 amps, I can't answer this since my manuals have been lost or misplaced. Does anyone know the loads of each unit? Is the Endover the ideal simple timer or is there any better alternative.

Thanks for your help.

Sal Accardo


I have a wonderful 320 proton radio and it just woke me up in the middle of the night with this terrifically loud buzzing.Like a fire alarm. I couldn't turn it off so I had to unplug it. I tried pushing the alarm buttons on and off but still no stopping this noise. Could this mean my battery is dead?
I need anyones help. I love my Proton.

Ed S.

Sal, a basic 60 watt timer should work fine
Jake, sounds like something has finally failed in your 30-something-year old 320. It may be repairable but may just be cheaper to get another on eBay.

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