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January 11, 2010



Angelo could you do a review of the Channel Master Super Fringe ?..I´d like to compare notes on it... I´ve heard that this model is as good as a Superadio and my sample isn´t up to it...perhaps yours ?


Here's an KH-5000 bidding on ebay already up to $600


Seller says it weighs 40 pounds.


Wow, the bidding jumped from $100.00 to $600.00 mighty fast. Hard to believe someone is willing to pay that for a less than perfect example, though it is indeed rare.

Huesby: My experience with the Super Fringe has been super. I will get a review to Jeff soon. In a nutshell, it falls short of the GE Super Radio in sound and reception----but on the other hand, it's much smaller and costs a lot less.


Jeff/Angelo, here is one for you:


Jack Young

Afternoon all,

I just picked up a Hitachi 8 Band Shortwave Radio (KH3100) and everything on it works. A great buy for the $5.00 I paid for it. The aircraft band on it even picks up the airport near me and a frequency out of KC that is 150 miles North of me. Only drawback is that is a mono system even with the earphones. I don't mine mono as the radio has a good sound. I would have liked the stereo for the earphones though.

All in all, love the radio and as a avid shortwave and longwave listener, I'm very satisfied. :)

Jack Young (WK0Y)


I have an Hitachi KH-3100
Would like to get more information on the year it was built and how to improve reciption by using antennas.
email adress is harrygp@otelco.net

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