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February 21, 2010



Extremely useful summary. Thank you!

Brian (Scooby214)

Great information. Thanks for posting.

I might add that a "better" Ramsey transmitter, such as the FM30B, perhaps deserves mention. While it doesn't have the S/N ratio or audio response of the EDM, many people have moved from the CCrane to the FM30B and have been pleased with the results. I have the FM25B, but would recommend spending slightly more to get either the FM30B or the EDM LCD. The FM25B has lesser quality audio filtering, so you have to be careful that your input audio is clean and doesn't interfere with the 19 Khz stereo pilot. Plus, the FM25B is a bit more susceptible to hum than the EDM or the FM25B. The EDM LCD only costs a few dollars more than the FM25B, and is less than the FM30B, and it is much easier to assemble.


Brian (Scooby214)

As one who has spent way too much money on transmitters, I can say that the CCrane is probably the best value for the money. Unless the user really wants audiophile quality sound (which won't be noticeable on most vintage portables), the modified CCrane will probably meet meet your needs.


Brian, very good points on the Ramsey units. The reasons I didn't include the FM25B or FM30B in the writeup were twofold: difficult and time consuming kit assembly, and the fact that reviews for the Ramseys are all over the place and not so uniformly positive as the CCrane, EDM, or HLLY units.


You have a good point about the numerous Ramsey reviews and the complexity of assembly. My SSTran was also challenging to assemble, but it is a far better AM transmitter than the Ramsey AM transmitters.

Karl Dahlquist

I have been running a CCRANE unit nearly nonstop for 7 years....works great for me...use it to beam XM radio around the house

Steve Thomas

I have two LCD & Two LED EDM transmitters; they are clearly the best transmitters for the money, and EDM stands by their products. I had my LED, on the air for over four years 24/7, before the MAV 11 final transistor finally gave it up.

When I called EDM for the part; they told be to send it back and they would take care of it. A week later the transmitter was returned, repaired at no charge.

Unfortunately the LED has been discontinued do to problems getting parts. A replacement is now in the works; it will use a LCD display instead of the LED.

Avoid the HLLY transmitters, like the plague! Their harmonics and spurious signals will lead to a visit; not to mention trashing reception to your neighbors TV's and radios.

The C.Crane, after the mod, is a good transmitter for the price. It modulates at higher levels than other transmitters under $100 without distortion.

The Ramsey FM25B is a good transmitter for those running talk and music on portables. You can eliminate the problem caused by artifacts from PC sound cards interfering with the 19khz tone, by adding the STC1C companion; which has a low pass filter to eliminate the problem.

The Ramsey FM25B only suffers from hum when poorly tuned external antennas are used or when whip antenna is not tuned. I have a FM25B with just the whip, covering a very large multi building office complex with no hum problems.

The Ramsey FM25B will cover a much larger area than the C.Crane; which may be important for those on larger lots or ranches.

The EDM's will cover the largest area with its 100mw output; one of my EDM's covers well over four miles with a dipole at 20' above ground.

More on FM transmitters and antennas can be found here:
DIY broadcasting

Has reviews of the EDM LED & LCD transmitters.

Is dedicated to the micro broadcaster.

Radio Russ

I have had a CCrane XMTR for a number of years and can recommend it as a well made device that does its job well.

I made the modifications soon after I bought it and added an "augmented" antenna system.

It works so well that caution should be used. You would be surprised how far this thing can transmit on a clear channel with the adjustment and more antenna.

As a result, I don't recommend that anyone modify this unit in any way because it would be illegal. (cough)

One major advantage the CCrane has over kits like the Ramsey 25B is easy digital tuning over the entire FM band. The Ramsey is tuned by adjustments on the circuit board. I have a Ramsey 25B and it drifted off-frequency a lot. You also have to fiddle with changing capacitors depending on what part of the FM band you want to transmit on.

The EDM units are great but a lot more more than the CCrane. You can't order the 100mw model anymore if you reside in the US. There is an easy fix for this if you do the research.

Brian (Scooby214)


I think you may be confusing the FM25B with the FM10.

On the FM25B, you don't have to change capacitors to transmit on different parts of the band. It is PLL controlled, so you simply set the dip switches to determine frequency. Once the FM25B locks on frequency, it really locks on frequency. When I was running my FM25B, it stayed rock solid on frequency for all of the months I had it running 24/7. I have never heard reports of the FM25B drifting.

The FM10 is notorious for drifting, and the FM10 is the transmitter that requires changing capacitors depending on what part of the band you wish to transmit. I would avoid the FM10, as it is quite frustrating to use due to its drift. The FM10 is easy to build, but is much less useful for serious broadcasting.


Brian (Scooby214)


The radiobrandy.net site has been a wonderful resource for me as I made the move from broadcasting AM only to part 15 FM/AM. I solved the hum in my FM25B setup using the dipole diagram and coax balun shown on the Radio Brandy site. My hum was caused by RF getting fed back into the transmitter, so moving the dipole to the attic solved it completely. I had to drill a hole so that the lower leg of my dipole could drop down a few inches in my wall cavity. I am still using the dipole with my EDM LCD, and it works great!

I still prefer my EDM LCD over my Ramsey FM25B, but with a careful setup the FM25B can make a good sounding transmitter with great range.

The radiobrandy.com review of the EDM LCD is also what convinced me to buy it. It is so easy to assemble that anybody with a soldering iron and basic soldering experience can get on the air with great sounding FM.



Absolutely GREAT information and GREAT posts! My geek endorphins are firing. Brian turned me on to the whole idea of transmitting streams to my vintage radios so I picked up the CCrane and made the mod. It works great and covers my entire house.

Radio Russ

Brian - You are correct about my error. I do indeed have the FM10. Sorry about any confusion this caused.


I wish I could buy CCRANE FM transmitter that has already been adjusted, i.e. for someone who knows to do this adjustment. Also, I've read many negative reviews of Mobile Black Box transmitter...


I am basically still not ready to jump for Internet Radio; so, all I need is a good transmitter that would transmit up to 45 feet.


Hi all,

We at EDM Design feel that customers should have confidence in the product they buy. That is why we back up our products with a standard 3 year warranty.

All the best, Stefan
EDM Support Team

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