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February 21, 2010



Thanks for this! I now know I don't have the tools I need for the job. I'm now debating whether to try a new transmitter (favoring EDM at the moment) or getting a decent transmitting antenna for my FM10.

Steve Thomas

You need a Ramsey FM25b, to appreciate the difference in audio quality and workmanship between the EDM and other transmitters. Since we teach broadcasting; the Ramsey FM25b is good for learning kit building in the related field of broadcasting. Since we have a few FM25b’s around here; we decided to make the most of them. I would never buy a Ramsey FM25b one over the EDM; I like to get my moneys worth, and clearly the EDM offers the most bang for the buck.

While on the subject of FM transmitters; the FCC says that hobby/micro broadcasters do not cause any real problems for them and they are a very low priority for them. They get far more complaints from cell phone interference and other RF devices than users of the Micro FM transmitters. Just remember to keep the programming radio clean; you never know who may be listening!


Dear Stefan, is it possible to buy a transmitter for home from you, but the one that would be pre-assembled? Thank you very much!

Steve Thomas

It sounds like sounds like someone is trying to bate someone into selling an assembled EDM or modified C.Crane.

Be careful, it is illegal to sell fully assembled transmitters like the EDM, or sell a modify C.Crane.

The FCC does come to sites like this; trying to bate someone into
selling an assembled transmitter. Then they get hit with a large fine and have their business destroyed.

Ante, can always hire someone to do the assembly or modification.


I don't think anybody is trying to bate EDM or CCrane into selling a modified or assembled transmitter. I would rather trust that Ante asked an honest question, for good reasons.

Furthermore the FCC has its hands full already without assigning even one person to search radio blogs and read comments and try to track down the name and email and IP address of the person making a simple request and then doing detective work to see if the modified or assembled unit was shipped! Give me break. The FCC is far more concerned these days with cell phones and broadband than 10 mW FM stations.

And if any company (EDM or CCrane) is worried that they are being set up, all they need to do is to ask the person making the request a very simple question: are you working for the FCC or are you affiliated in any way with the FCC? By law, a Federal employee or contractor cannot lie.

I know for a fact that people have actually called CCrane and had them do the power boost mod before shipping the transmitter!



As I mentioned in my posting, with the FCC, just make sure you don't violate Part 15 rules (google and read them). This basically means that you should limit your transmission range to under 200 feet. And of course, make sure your transmitter puts out a clean signal, on an unused frequency, with very weak harmonics or none, and that you broadcast clean stuff.

In short, use your common sense and exercise respect for the law and your neighbors, and you will be fine.

Steve Thomas

"I don't think anybody is trying to bate EDM or CCrane into selling a modified or assembled transmitter."

The FCC does it all the time; they have popped Ramsey and others like Low Power Radio, who have paid mega fines; for thinking the FCC does not pay attention to blogs and forums like this. I know for a fact; the FCC trolls, visit my sites all the time; looking for targets.

Ante's intentions may be good; however it's not worth the risk selling a completed unit online.

It's like pot: The cops prefer to go after the dealers and growers, rather than the user. It's all about politics and the all mighty dollar with the government.

By the way, if C.Crane gets caught doing the mod; they will lose the certification, and not be able to import the transmitters again.

As for the user of micro FM transmitters like EDM and Ramsey; the FCC, does not have a high priority on taking you down.

There are 23 known (by FCC) pirates with 100 watts or more in the Boston area alone; unless there is a complaint about interference to emergency services, they will remain on the air.

Brian (Scooby214)

I kind of like the idea of users having to build their transmitters. I have built a total of four transmitters, including my homebrew AM tube transmitter. I was already knowledgable in circuitry and soldering, and now I know much more about what it takes to get audio on the air.

If anybody could shell out money and put their own micro transmitters on the air, it might be hard in some areas to find a clear place to broadcast. I have a hard enough time keeping a clear spot here, as religious satellite translators seem to be popping up anywhere they can find a second adjacent channel.


Concerning the FCC: the discussion here is mostly about the CCrane and EDM transmitters for home use, nothing more. It is my understanding that even a modified CCrane is still Part 15 compliant, in that the range does not go beyond 200 feet. As for EDM, the FCC does not have jurisdication over them as the seller. However buyers/users should still be careful and make sure their power levels are such that they are Part 15 compliant ... be nice, play nice, and don't yell over the airwaves and FCC will have no issues with you.

steve preston

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the cze-01a transmitter. Made by CZH transmitters, I believe. It is very small, all menu-driven and digitally controlled, and never even gets warm. Think it was 60 or 70 bucks on Amazon or eBay. The sound quality rivals anything else on the band, but the eq is 50 MS and cannot be adjusted to 75, although that's why they make equalizers. I use it with Stereo Tool.

Bill DeFelice

In having reviewed two of the three transmitters mentioned here I wanted to bring up a very important fact that may help somebody avoid becoming the recipient of a notice of unlicensed operation (NOUO) from the Federal Communication Commission.

All measurements were made using the Potomac Instruments FIM-71, the same field intensity measuring equipment used by both the FCC and professional broadcast engineers. The test specimen of the C. Crane FM Transmitter (both the original and its second generation) measured below the FCC maximum allowed field strength of 250 microvolts per meter measured at 3 meters as dictated in Part 15.239. The test of the current basic model EDM transmitter, the EDM-LCD-CS, came in at 330 microvolts per meters measured at 3 meters using the smallest antenna supplied by the manufacturer with the transmitter operating at its lowest power level adjustment. The use of a short stubby wire antenna less than 8 inches at the lowest power settings can provide for a legally compliant field strength. Limiting the usable signal to less than 200 feet will often result in a field strength fairly close to the legal limit.

Stefan and staff at EDM are incredibly helpful and they make a sonically pleasing transmitter but while the transmitter may be fully legal in jurisdictions in other countries users based in the United States should be mindful of the regulations as excessive field intensity could invite trouble due to a complaint from a neighbor or nearby licensed broadcaster.

Reviews of these transmitters may be read here:

C. Crane FM Transmitter Original Model:

C. Crane FM Transmitter 2

EDM-LCD-CS Basic Stereo FM Transmitter:

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