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November 04, 2010



I recently obtained a used Broadcastvision BV3001 FM transmitter at a good price. These are FCC Part 15 certified and perform very well. The unit saves its frequency when powered off and is switchable to Mono or Stereo. It's powered by a 12 volt AC adapter. These units are commonly used in health clubs for broadcasting exercise hall entertainment. You can usually find them on ebay - if you see one around $50-$80 grab one!

User manual:

Photos and description: (click on "See full description"):


AM Radio: My First Real Love



Not mentioned is the Mobile Black Box V6000, which is a very small 200 mw FM transmitter. It's mono, and despite that the specs say it's power output can be varied below 200 mw, it doesn't work, so you have a constant .2 w output. The sound from this (mono) unit is excellent. I have it placed in my house so that it covers the house and deck and that is all...i don't want it 'broadcasting' to the neighborhood. I also have a .5 watt Hlly, but it is too high powered and also has a problem with sending RF onto the audio input cable so I have boxed it and will use it only if the world ends. Stereo on low power is an iffy proposition since the s/n ratio is not good and you get noise in stereo. As AM radio people know: a mono channel is best.


The Mobile Black Box units are not FCC Part 15 certified and they are known for generating spurious harmonics, so just be careful that your broadcast range does not go beyond 250 to 300 feet (looks like in your case this is not an issue). Anybody looking for longer range might want to look into a Part 15 AM transmitter.


I am responding to JP's post about stereo on low power. I use my Ramsey FM25B in mono mode because the s/n is better, but my EDM transmitter has an awesome s/n ratio in stereo. I broadcast the HD Radio stream of a local station to my Sansui and Marantz tuners. The s/n ratio is equal to or better than the analog broadcast of the same local station when tuned in on the same two tuners.

I use my EDM set at the 10 mw setting, and cover my house, yard, and a few houses down the street nicely. The biggest factor that has helped my situation is finding that perfect broadcast frequency.


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