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November 24, 2010



Since the majority of people are right-handed, the custom is to wear watches on the left wrist, and thus the crown is on the right hand side. If one wears a watch on the right wrist, it is virtually impossible to adjust the crown without removing the watch. (If you don't believe me, put your watch on your right wrist and try to adjust it.)

The watch in your photo, of course, should be worn on the right wrist -- it is a rare "watch for left-handers" with the crown on the left.

However, with atomic/solar and similar wristwatches, wearing it on the left wrist is no longer mandatory -- for example, most Casio watches can be worn on either wrist. If one is right-handed, it still is preferable to wear the watch on the left-wrist, but if one is left-handed a strong case can be made for wearing a watch without a crown on the right wrist.

Jeffrey McMahon

So it's a practical matter, not an aesthetic or traditional one. Thanks, Doug.


Actually, I always thought righties wear on the left and lefties wear on the right, regardless of the crown position. Presumably, your "strong hand" is subject to more action that can damage a watch, so you wear it on the opposite wrist. Very interesting though----there is a school of thought about people finding renewed energy and balance if they switch the watch to the hand they don't normally wear it on. My boss tried this a few years ago and swore it made him feel "better" and more productive.

Jeffrey McMahon

Angelo, that sounds about right. I wear all my "lefty" watches (with crown on the left) on my left hand. The crown doesn't dig into my wrist.

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