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December 12, 2010


Kevin S

I have found the same thing with the new CFLs I have installed throughout the house - within two feet they cause hum on AM. This means the bedside lamp is still incandescent, but most other lights are fair game for CFLs.


Of course, the weaker the station you're listening to, and the farther you located from the station, the more likely the "buzz" will be a problem. I'm sure KFI is very strong in Torrance, since it's 50 kW and very close by.


Coby 4GB Video/MP3 Player & FM Radio - $21.99 with $15 Amazon MP3 Credit, shipped free (no $25 minimum required):

Doug T.

You can always turn off the television while DX-ing.


I live in a townhome, and I can always tell when my neighbor is watching their HDTV when I'm listening to my GE Superadio. It gets frustrating. But I only hear the hum-buzz when trying to listen to more distant, weaker stations, which is why I'm using the Superadio in the first place.

Don't you just love advancements in technology??!!


Up here in the northeast the cities are changing the traffic lights to new LED technology. Saves money, energy, blah, blah, blah.

It also creates havoc with the AM band. Approach them (in your vehicle) and the band is wiped out with LOUD buzz. Even the strongest station is nothing but buzz. I would hate to live beside these things. Trouble is the more they convert the more noise created and you don't have to be right on top of them to get this interference.

Oh, and another thing. Theses LED lights don't produce enough heat to melt the snow that might accumulate on the traffic lights where the old ones did. Can you say accident waiting to happen?

Yeah, advancements in technology alright.


I read about a death last year because of obstructed traffic lights. Green Bay WI is working on something of a fix. A search engine run of "traffic light snow led greenbay" (without quotes) should do the trick.

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