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March 03, 2011



I bought my 300/301 new years ago and it is still the best radio I have ever had. In addition to the quality of the units, there is a nostalgia about the hand cranked tuner and non high tech controls, much the same feelings as the controls of the old Morgan Plus 4 whose turn signals had to be turned off by turning off the switched the one turned one to initiate the indicator. There is nothing about this radio I do not love

John Watson

If I were to find a decent Proton 300, is it repairable when problems occur? or does it become a boat anchor? I would love to own one,but am realistic about age and potential issues

thanks for any advice


Ed S.

Sure, like any electrical product 30 years old or more, problems may eventually arise... there may be a hum that creeps into the power supply, for instance. This is easy to have fixed since it's due to capacitor aging. Easy to replace the bad cap. But if the speaker begins to physically disintegrate, which I have not seen on a 300, you need to get a replacement speaker which may be difficult to find. I think for the price you'll spend ($100-170) verses the return in quality sound, the risk is small. The resale value of even a bad 300 is still high for an old radio.


Have the 300 & 301. Blows away the Bluetooth speakers on the market. Get one!

Mark Holmstrand

I've had a Proton 300 & 301 since they first came out. I purchased them new from my favorite local HiFi store. Even after installing very high-end equipment in my home theatre and stereo systems, I will never give up my Proton 300 & 301. If one of them fails (and can't be repaired), I will replace it from a working used unit or whateverm I can find on eBay or anywhere else.


Does the Proton 300 accept an FM antenna with an F (male) connector?

Ed S.

Roger, the 300 accepts the 300-ohm twin lead antenna connectors, but with a suitable adaptor or Balun (matching transformer), you can connect an F- type antenna connector... Search on eBay or Amazon for a 75 ohm to 300 ohm antenna matching transformer.

David Stucky

I'll add to the database here.....I just picked up a Proton 300 off of Craigslist for $15. It's near mint, and works perfectly in every regard. The sound is excellent, and it's basically a small high quality bookshelf speaker with a radio built onto it. Very very cool! I suspect I'll be playing this little jewel for many many years to come! DE - AB7Q

Ed S.

Probably. My 300/301 is still working! The prices are coming down, you got quite a bargain.

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