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April 30, 2011


Rick Montgomery

I recently bought an RF-1115 for less than you did, because it was being sold as-is for repair or parts. A little shot of DEoxiT into the band switch was all it needed.
I read and appreciate your review, but you missed one thing that jumped right out at me with my set. The sensitivity and selectivity on the FM band is second to very few. I also own an RF-2900, and on FM in a side to side comparison, the
RF-1115 puts it's cousin to shame! Adjacent signal rejection is superb. There is a clean switchpoint from even a weak station to a strong station on the next or previous frequency step. I'm blown away by it's sensitivity! Also, mine was also missing the UHF loop antenna, but I made one using a old analog TV UHF back-of-set loop and a 3.5mm plug soldered to the connectors. It even snaps onto the retainers on the back, but doesn't seem to offer any improvement over just using the more convenient telescopic whip.
I give this radio an excellent rating as you do.

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