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April 11, 2011


Gerhard Hoehne

the link for the softwareupdate does not work


Another update happens! version 1.07 is the newest one and here is the link (look for the DE1126 post that include de download link for the new firmware)



Gerhard Hoehne

Thank you for your friedly comment!
It works!

Gerhard - Berlin

Gerhard Hoehne

be carefull, the new software version is in Chinese, at least unreadble for me - but you have to go back to English through the menue, not easy for me...
but it works -thank you again



I know that Gerhard, a little bit tricky but once you´re in menu just select your language and voila! Enjoy!

Gerhard Hoehne

I am enjoying - a great toy indeed.


Does the new 1126 come with the USB cable and charger? I haven't seen that in the specs I've read. Also, my main interest is recording the radio like a VCR, setting the time and date. Does this radio work that way? Thanks for your insight.

Roy Fowler

If anyone finds a user manual in english PLEASE post a link. I am doing fine with the 1126 once i figured out where the english language was but i would love to see an english language manual! Thank you! Saxman_83201


Got my DE1126 from Amazon yesterday and I'm quite impressed. The DE1125 I ordered last month did not work when I got it, so I sent it back.
The DE1126 works nicely on all radio bands, plays MP3's and WAV files, records off air--everything seems to work.
I'm impressed with SW reception, considering the tiny whip antenna, it receives Radio Australia and Radio New Zealand quite well here in Northern Indiana. Of course, we've been having great reception conditions lately, but I usually listen on much bigger, more elaborate receivers with an out door antenna, so reception this good on this tiny set is nothing short of amazing, to me.
AVC action is quite strong, which keeps levels even during fades, but distorts the sound a bit. Not bad though. I especially wanted this model, since I like to listen to Shortwave broadcasts, and Degen has the only MP3 Player so far with SW.
This is indeed a nifty little "Swiss Army knife" of a device.
I also look forward to a Manual in English, though I have figured out almost everything just by playing with the radio.

Mike Olszanski

What exactly does the firmware upgrade version 1.7 do? Is it worth uploading?
Haven't had any problems so far...

Dennis Goethe

I upgraded to version 7 shortly after taking the 1126 out of the box so I don't know how it used to work.
Mine shipped with an English manual and if it had not, I would have been lost after the upgrade because it came back up in Chinese.
Anyway, this version 7 has bugs of it's own. I can't get it to record live radio. It goes through the motions but the 4 hour file it creates does not produce any sound. Also, after it completes a scheduled recording, it will not power back up and I have to remove the battery and push the reset button, reconfigure it to English again because it comes back up in Chinese only to discover that the file won't produce any sound. I have tried it day after day with the same results. Is it version 7 or am I doing something wrong? I have the radio tuned to the station I want to record and the volume set to 14 or higher.
Also, is there a way to get it to play while connected to the charger? Did it while connected to the charger in the previous firmware versions? I had to buy a couple spare batteries to be able to get a full days use out of this thing and it annoys me that no matter how fast I swap a new battery in, I have to reset the time, date and other settings. If I swap the battery while connected to the charger, this can be avoided but the battery does not always go dead while I am near a power source.
Also, it does not play my MP3 files in any sort of order I can understand. Even if I rename them with a number 1,2,3 etc. it still seems to play them randomly. This would be a great little radio if it worked the way it is supposed to.

Dennis Goethe

Where can I get the older versions of firmware?

I have version 7 rar files if anyone wants it.

I also can copy my English manual for you if you want.


Alex Vulpe

Please Send by e-mail yo3sp@att.net COPY OF ENGLISH MANUAL for DE1126.
THANKS in anticipation! Alex Vulpe yo3sp@att.net



The Degen DE1126 is manufactured by Kaito Electronics. http://www.kaitousa.com/

The Degen DE1136 product page: http://www.kaitousa.com/

Owners manual: http://www.kaitousa.com/DE1126/DE1126_English manual.pdf


I made this update
thereafter, all the radio information in Chinese.

It was no longer usable.

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