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June 14, 2011



Wine? I love wine! More wine talk at Herculodge.com would be great!

Bob C.

I got one of these as a gift and ended up sending it back. It literally had a range of 5 feet! Yes, I understand that there's a way to boost the power; however, they construct the device in such a way that it's somewhat difficult to do this unless you know just where things are inside. In other words, it's easy to permanently damage the unit while merely taking the back of it off.

As it is sold in stock form, it's terrible. I have a $10 cheapo unit that I bought at Wally World about 5 years ago that outperforms it. The only downside with that one is that you only have 4 frequency choices. But I'll still take that with a 30 to 50 foot range over the CCrane that could get past the kitchen table!

Bob C.

Last sentence, I meant to say: "I'll still take that with a 30 to 50 foot range over the CCrane that could NOT get past the kitchen table!"

Apparently, I could not get the word not in there.....

Tom S.

I agree with Bob C., these units have horrible range, and I had to fight with C.Crane to get a refund.


I'm waiting for a small but powerful FM transmitter that will allow me to become the Harold Camping of my neighborhood.

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