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June 09, 2011



I, too, am a devoted Mac user. My family of 5 has 2 Macs and 3 PCs. My wife and kids would rather wait to use one of the Macs rather than power up one of the PCs.

I haven't read the CR article, but I am pretty sure it won't convince me that a PC should be ranked higher than a Mac.

Emmett Salberg

I checked out the stats on the MSI. I think the 27" iMac is a better deal financially than the 23" MSI too.

Neil Goldstein

I'm sorry.... Not a fair comparison. Like comparing a Corvette to an Audi R8. Although I use both Mac and PC, the Mac is my system of choice at the end of the workday. The tight integration between OS and hardware will always win with me. It's like the difference between a piece of clothing that's custom-fit and another that's one-size-fits all.

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