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June 16, 2011


Carlos Edwards

I have to be honest - I don't see the value in this receiver. What do you do with it? What can you do with it that you can't do with one of the newer receivers? Is the performance really that much better? Or is there aesthetic value involved here as well. Does it just "look cool"? I mean, "to each his own," but it really just looks like a big piece of junk to me.



This is today's news around here:



Great, Hugo. Now we'll have even more IBOC interference.

Jeffrey McMahon

Hugo, what's the synopsis?


Here's a couple of intriguing radios from Japan:



The Panasonic RF-1120 and RF-1010. The RF-1120 looks like the RF-1150's little brother, and the 1010 looks just like the highly acclaimed RF-1115 except it has Shortwave w/BFO instead of UHF and PSB. Only downside to the RF-1010 is that FM is 78 to 90. The 1120 however has full FM from 78 to 108.


You ask too much from me, I can barely speak English to write a synopsis but in short the news is very important for Mexicans and Americans because radio signals from Mexico can be heard easily in southern regions of USA and as Gary pointed out you'll have even more IBOC interference.

To Brandon:
Brandon have you bought from yahoo Japan ? If so can you share with us your experiences in doing so ?

Or perhaps another reader can share his/her experience in buying from yahoo japan ?
I know there are people who receive the goods in Japan and then resend them to you but how expensive that is ?...Anyone care to comments ?

Doug T.

The news was about HD Radio being approved in Mexico: http://www.radioworld.com/article/mexico-approves-hd-radio-country-wide/23740

I'm fairly surprised by this, since most observers seem to think that HD Radio has been a failure in the US and IBOC interference has only accelerated the decline of AM radio.


You don't buy or own a 330K if you're wondering "what to do" with it. This is among the top multiband monsters every made, along with the Panasonics like the RF-8000 and RF-9000. BTW -- on the condition on this one, it's not quite up there -- some damage on the back antenna terminal strip, scratches on the front cover.....but given what we often see on the market, it's pretty good -- though I don't see a photo with the LED's operating...

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