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July 20, 2011


Carlos Edwards

I'm reminded of Augustine at Carthage: quid est, nisi miserabilis insania! (what is this, if not a miserable madness!). Actually, the beginning of book 3 of the Confessions has a nice little psychological examination of why some love to be miserable. e.g. lacrimae ergo amantur et dolores? (are tears therefore loved, and pain too?)



I think most people would rather be happy with less. But the real point isn't making a choice between happy with less or miserable with more----the point is that most people can't identify what will truly make them happy and some people really don't want to be happy---they thrive on tension.
I have been around people who have a lot of drama in their lives. The funny thing is that when things start to go in a good direction for these people---they get a raise, meet a nice new boyfriend/girlfriend or get a windfall of some sort----they seem to go out of their way to screw things up (i.e. cheating on their new partner by seeing an ex, trading in a car that is running great for a "nicer" car (that is old with high miles) that breaks down in the first week and causes them to miss work for a couple days) and generally doing other things to sabotage their good fortunes. And I've concluded that while in some cases, it's stupidity, in most cases, it's the need to have friction/tension and generally be unhappy.

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