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July 13, 2011


Carlos Edwards

Jeff - Sounds like a good class! I'd like to take it. Your insights into Intellectual Pride are especially spot on. I would add another quality of Intellectual Pride: a lack of intellectual sincerity. All of the true intellectuals I know are both capable of defending their positions and granting the possibility that their own positions, if substantially challenged, may well prove indefensible in the end. The true intellectual is confident in his acumen, but not blinded by it. In other words, he/she is not an ideologue, but an honest and unassuming seeker, ready to turn aside from any held-notion, even their own, if it proves to be wrong. (i.e. Plato's Socrates as opposed to the Sophists; I'm a classicist, had to throw that in there!)

Carlos Edwards

The Seinfeld reference is also classic. Is that a pic from the episode where George emerges from the bathroom shirtless? Seinfeld episodes are like the "Aesop's Fables" of our era. Truisms bathed in humor boiled down to one-liners.


What about Radio Pride - someone who believes his brand / model radio is the best. If anyone makes a contrary claim, he smugly claims "Your radio must need an alignment"!

Just kidding...sort of

Jeffrey McMahon

Radio pride belongs to a larger category that I omitted: Ownership pride. And the aforementioned smug you need alignment comment is born from Know It All Pride.

My list needs to be expanded.

Bob C.

Carlos, I think the pic is from the famous scene when Jerry's girlfriend accidentally walks in on a naked George. Having just come out of the COLD water, and feeling that he may have been 'shortchanged' in her eyes, his cries were something like: "I was in the pool! I was in the pool!" But, alas it was too late for poor George and the damage was done. Great episode.

Carlos Edwards

Bob C. - Ah yes. "Shrinkage". Elaine: "it shrinks?". Classic.

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