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August 20, 2011



It's a shame some parts of the radio have such appalling quality. Much of it is quite excellent.

Oh well. Back to my worry-free RX320D, which is as good today as when I first fired it up years ago.

Ken K. in NJ

That's interesting about the rubberized coating turning grimy. The same thing happened to my Eton E-100. I hadn't used it in a few months and when I picked it up aagin the surface was grimy and scuzzy. Nothing seems to be able to clean it up. It's really unpleasant to hold it.

It's odd, becuase I had the radio for 7 or 8 years and all of a suddent this happened.

Doug T.

I cannot confirm either the grime or an increase in noise. My E1XM is holding up well. I just wish it were still manufactured.

Fish Line Randy

My Eton did the same. The rubber coating literally begins to dissolve. It's ikky and gooey and impossible to clean. Dust and lint stick to it and it gets gross. I tried solvent based GOO GONE and it helped. Available at Home Depot. Great stuff for lots of things but always try a indiscrete spot first. Good luck.


I plan to try Goo Gone, but I'll apply it first to the inside of the flip stand in case it wants to discolor or damage the coating. I read one E1 owner saying he needed an entire replacement casing after destroying his with whatever harsh cleaning chemical he applied to the grime.

I also noticed some stickiness starting on my G5. Eton's rubberized coating: BAD IDEA.


My case has turned totally grimey as well. Haven't attempted to clean it. Because:

What bothers me more are the stuck buttons around the display. Turn the unit on, okay. The tuning dial will still tune stations. The volume knob will still control volume. But every other button around the display does not work, as if locked. Pound the timer bar on top a few times, turn the radio off, then back on, and usually the display buttons free up. But only for about a minute. Then they lock up again. Repeat the process to get another minute of normal operation.. Great radio when it works, all except for that display, which is on par with a cheap digital weather station.


What I could do with $400 right now.



Those buttons locked up on one of my E1s. I sent it to Drake for a warranty repair, and they replaced a couple integrated circuits and a couple capacitors. Fine so far since then. Perhaps they can fix buzzy displays too, though I'm not inclined to pay for an out-of-warranty repair at present.

Great radio, if you feel like shelling out the bucks to have it fixed again and again.


Got one in 2006, by 2008 things were failing one-by-one, and it was babied and never left the house. Didn't bother-dumped it on Ebay with full disclosure of the probs.


My Satellit 210 and FRG-7 are both from the 70s. Both are unrestored, with their original electronics, and working well. I so prefer that to the cheap Chinese components in today's radios, that fry for no reason other than being badly made. The E1 has caused me more grief than any other radio I've ever purchased; that shouldn't be included in the purchase price.


Tried to find some Goo Gone to use for removing the E1 grime, but wound up with Krud Kutter instead. (Whatever!) Applied a bit to the inside of the flip stand to make sure it didn't stain or melt the plastic - it didn't. Gave the radio a good rub with a liberal anointing of Krud to a towel. The E1 wound up all tacky (still) and impregnated with lint. Used my fingernail to try to scrape off some of the grime. It left streaks and scratches in (apparently) the finish. Re-anointed and rubbed the Hades out of that spot and pieces of glop started rolling off. Underneath was shiny and unscratched plastic, with no gumminess and no inclination to attract lint, dust or detritus.

The lauded Eton Rubberized Coating is simply a micro-thin layer of goo sprayed onto the casing of the radio. Due to moisture it begins breaking down, getting gummy, tacky, sticky and attracting lint. It's a bit of work to remove, and at the end you get a non-sticky, non-gummy and shiny E1. Thanks a lot, Eton/Tecsun!

Alexandra Ross

Tropical storm coming thru took my Eton out of the bag.

It is a sticky mess!

WD-40(spray lubricant) and elbow grease works!


I had mine since 2007. You've got to keep it clean all the time otherwise it's grimy and sticky.

I realised I didn't clean mine for a long time today and decided to clean it .

I used a bathroom cleaning chemical (CIF CREAM NATURALS - MULTI SURFACE) from my wife and a wet towel. I rubbed the CIF slowly on the Eton. It took me about an hour but finally it is clean and not sticky to hold anymo
I used an old tooth brush to clean the residue left off of this Cif chemical in the corners and hollow parts.


Makes u wonder why they put that sticky crap on them in the first place. Some stupid engineer maybe, huh.

Mike M

A recent post at


showed a good solution for the sticky case covering (91% isopropanol). I tried it on my E1 and it worked great to remove the gunk. My five year old E1 is working great: it is a remarkable radio if you didn't get a lemaon.

Joan cauley

I noticed my husband's radio was getting sticky---thought it was grease from cooking but after trying to clean the radio, I realized there was a bigger issue going on. So I tried everything in the house to clean it: 409, soap and water, windex, alcohol, pledge and toothpaste---no luck! It was like a gooy, sticky monster. Then I realized it was a defect in the material. I hope the manufacturer has corrected the problem. My husband got the radio to use since he was incapacitated in bed with MSA; he has passed, but I know he would have been very upset to know the radio was a sticky mess!

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