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August 04, 2011


Carlos Edwards

The most important thing in maintaining a healthy weight is regular cardiovascular exercise. Diet has something to do with it, but physical activity is much more important. I recommend swimming.


Carlos: I disagree. I think the most important thing in maintaining a healthy BODY is, as you say, regular cardiovasular exercise. But to maintain a healthy weight (let's face it, the implication being a lower weight) diet trumps exercise. If you simply cut down on fat and calories and do something as simple as a short walk once a day, the weight will drop off most people. Is that healthy? I don't know. And I think most people will gain the weight back in time when they begin eating the foods they really want.

Neil Goldstein

Here is the info from where I work (Sloan Kettering): http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/69383.cfm


Food always beats exercise. i.e. you can exercise your nuts off, kick back and eat 3-4 grand of calories and you will plump up quite nicely. I've done 12-17 hours of aerobic exercise a week for 4-5 months before and gained weight.


It is a balance between food and exercise. I watched 'Fathead', the pseudo-documentary/rebuttal to 'Supersize Me' on Netflix the other day. Basically, the guy eats fast food for a month, but removes most of the carbs. Weight, cholesterol all dropped. Fascinating.

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