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October 18, 2011


Ed S.

Now, if he could pick up radio stations through his fillings, that would be an appropriate entry to this blog!
Seriously, he may be assigning causality to the wrong cause. Any number of physical conditions could cause loss of the sense of taste; that it happened at the same time he got dental work could be just a coincidence. Or he may be a hypocondriac, or simply litigious--dentists have deep pockets and your vet could be contemplating a hefty lawsuit.
Otherwise, I don't have any idea.

Neil Goldstein

Most likely from anesthesia. Should be temporary, but if there was nerve damage it could be permanent, at least partially. They warn you of this during more difficult procedures like those that an oral surgeon would do, but rarely happens from just a filling, unless an injection was not done correctly.

Ed S

I had another thought-- often loss of taste is actually due to loss of one's sense of smell. This happened to people who used Zicam zinc nasal drops/Swabs. He might want to review what he was putting in his nose at the time, or if he has allergies.


It might have something to do with trace amounts of mercury in the dental amalgam.

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