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November 22, 2011



"Where in the hell is the missing package?".....Hmmmm in some Ebay┬┤s auctions perhaps ?...


Bob C

We have an issue at my work, where were at 400 East xxx Avenue yet sometimes things are delivered to 400 West xxx Avenue!

Thing of it is that my workplace is a huge facility, while the address of the other place is a house. Had $3000 worth of electrical parts delivered to this guy's house - luckily I went on a hunch and still found the box there. Box WAS addressed properly.

I am told that the homeowner is so sick of it happening that he tosses the deliveries into the garbage!

Apparently, you don't have to be too bright to work for one of these delivery companies.


Jeff - Maybe someone is collecting "free" Christmas gifts in your neighborhood.

Let us know how you like your new CCR-SW. I still like mine a lot, and I use it every day. It has deeper bass than any of my other portable radios, and the tone controls are very effective. The midrange is somewhat "forward," which improves intelligibility on voices, but may contribute to your opinion that it sounds harsh. Turning down the treble will also reduce the upper midrange, so you might try this. On mine, I usually leave the treble at 12 o'clock and the bass at 2 o'clock. This is with the radio on a bathroom counter, with its back near the wall. The local environment has a big effect on the sound of radios.

Ed S.

Sounds like some one in your neighborhood saw a nice big smiling "Amazon" box and decided it was their's to take. Hope whoever appropriated it is a radiophile.
Assume you will make some arrangements for the replacement box, so the guy doesn't get another one from you. Something like signature-required delivery, or hold if undeliverable notice, like they should have done.


well as i sit here with dora the explorer blaring in the bacvkground, (2 yr old gdaughter in house!)it occured to me that maybe swiper took it. swiper no swiping!


I wonder if the UPS driver likes radios?


UPS delivered to my neighbor's house----a large box that was supposed to be delivered to my house (a plastic sled for my son). When I traced the package, it showed that it was left on my front porch. They swore up and down that it was delivered to me, even after a "driver interview." A couple hours later, my neighbor got home and found the box on HIS front porch. Clowns.


Swiper! No Swiping! Only a parent with a toddler can appreciate that one! Thank you!

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