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March 05, 2012


Neil Goldstein

I'm guessing that it is the Redsun version of the Grundig S450-DLX since they are probably the ones manufacturing that radio for Eton. Time will tell.

Bob C

It looks much like a Grundig S450DLX to me - with some slight alterations (such as the location of the 4 volume/tone knobs). I can't recall which Chinese radio is the basis for the S450DLX (Tecsun?), but this Digitech-badged one definitely seems to be based on that model.

Bob C

Upon further reflection, I've uncovered a couple of other details of potential interest here. First off, the Digitech AR 1748 in question has the body of a Grundig S450DLX (without a doubt); however, the display shown in each website I've visited looks more like that of the Redsun RP2100 (also sold in the US as the CCrane Radio SW). Only the display color is blue. Very interesting.

Another interesting thing is that Wireless World (a leading online electronics retailer in Australia) has noted that the AR 1748 replaces the - now discontinued - AR 1747.


The AR 1747 is/was Digitech's version of the RP 2100. That's another hint for us here in the 'States that the CCrane Radio SW may not be in production for much longer. That's merely conjecture, of course, but the writing may be on the wall.

This makes me feel better about having just ordered another spare CCrane Radio SW! It's an excellent radio which is, by most accounts, far superior to the S450DLX.

A. Black

The CCrane Radio SW has no line in (or at least none is mentioned in the C Crane catalog -- I don't have one) but the CCrane Radio SW does have recharging. In contrast this one does have a line in but there is no mention of recharging.


Looks like this is an Aussie-only item... nothing else on Google.

¾ Blind

Awe fiddlesticks, no built in SSB.


I agree with ¾ Blind. The point I await from a RP2100 successor is SSB, not eye candy.


Sorry to wake up a sleeping thread, but I notice that the AR 1748 has a Q-Tune button on it, which was a feature of the RP-2100. I'm not sure quick tuning was present or even possible on the S450DLX.

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