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March 16, 2012



Jeff - I think the main problem is that the comment box won't show until all of the ads are loaded. It seems to take forever loading the ads from this site: ads.sixapart.com.

Gordon C

Browser related? About 6 seconds for the comment box to appear on Safari 5.x. More than 100 seconds for the box to appear on IE8. Same PC, same moment, wide-open network (spring break starts in 16 minutes - kids gone).

Jeffrey McMahon

Took me about 45 seconds on Safari. I agree with Gary who says it's the ads.


Gordon: If it's browser related---which is possible---it's also still a Typepad problem, because waiting for the page to load to make comments still takes too long---and my browser is able to post comments at other websites without this much delay. Also, there are times that the box just never appears----after a few minutes, the page seems to be done loading----and nowhere to make comments. Maybe the site is too far ahead of older browsers but I still consider that an administrator problem until so few people are using these browsers, it doesn't matter.

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