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April 28, 2012


Bob C

I have to side with Angelo here, particularly where the SRIII is concerned. For years, I've read what a hot radio it is. And, I own two of them and recently returned a third. None even came close to meeting my expectations. And these weren't particularly lofty expectations (as beautifully expressed by Herculodge); no, I merely expected the SRIII to be an excellent performer. Not one has been. Perhaps you can realign the tuner and make it so - but you shouldn't have to do this. That people are forced into such modifications to obtain the expected performance tells me that it's a poor radio. A good or great radio performs as such right out of the box - barefoot.

Now, I have not had the pleasure of trying out a CCraneEP Radio as yet. Thus, I cannot comment on its performance at this time. However, in making comparisons, I would set the performance bar higher than the GE SRIII. The S350DL is a good radio for comparison as is the CCraneSW (which offers even better reception). Both are more expensive, but if the EP's performance is comparable to each - that would make it a great value.


Bob C - As a point of reference, my CCRadio-EP (with the defective FM) is more sensitive across the AM band than either my CCRadio-SW or PR-D5.

Here is the ranking at various frequencies, with the twin-coil fine tuning adjusted optimally for each signal on the CCRadio-EP:

530 kHz
1. CCRadio-EP
2. PR-D5
3. CCRadio-SW

980 kHz
1. CCRadio-EP
2. PR-D5, CCRadio-SW

1700 kHz
1. CCRadio-EP
2. CCRadio-SW
3. PR-D5

BTW, Amazon is sending me a replacement CCRadio-EP.

Bob C

Gary, this is very good to know! Now, the EP is on my "wish list". Thanks for the info!

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