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April 17, 2012


Bill B.

This is from a different Bill.

I remember when amber turn signals were first required on new autos. My father, a former highway patrolman, felt intruded upon by government regulation. I thought it was a potentially beneficial requirement, and I still think it is a good thing. I mention this because of the constant harping on what is wrong with electric cars. I hear we should have diesels. I sure hope they have improved markedly, because I get a hell of a headache when I am trapped behind one. The local school buses are abominations that mean I won't go anywhere between 7 & 8 AM.

Then the pollution of power plants comes up. Do people have any idea how much pollution exists as a result of oil driling? There is a regular stream of stories about ruined rivers and wetlands in Africa, but maybe that oil is far enough away that it does not matter. There is also the benefit of having battery operation in town, where concentrations of vehicles and crowding add up to breathing misery. Buses belching billows of black smoke are one of my first memories of being in a city. Did not like.

The efficiency of charging batteries at night is never mentioned. Power plants run all night. They can't be turned completely off, so there is a real opportunity to charge up with electricity that would otherwise be wasted. If I could go 40 miles on electric power, over half my driving would be covered.

Do I like coal burning power plants? No, but I can't change that. There is too much money behind the current energy setup. The energy business owns too many elected officials for much change to occur unless crisis-driven.

Finally, all those folks in golf carts attract very little of the opposition electric cars get. Is there just jealousy or resentment over somebody else having the latest toy first? All this reminds me of the way PC people carp about Apple products. I'll keep my MacBook thank you very much, and I looked at a new Prius yesterday. And yes, I do think Bill Maher's calling it the Pious is very funny.


180862347246 E-Bay

Please, I have enough radios. Someone else buy these so that I don't have to.


Here's a good article comparing the Volt, Leaf and Prius. There are some charts at the bottom showing how clean the electric power is for each state, and which car technology creates less CO2.


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