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April 17, 2012


Gordon C

Based on highway mileages (44 Volt, 42 Jetta Diesel) the Jetta would use 11 gallons more a year (at 10,000 miles/year) and no electricity at night.

The Jetta costs (MSRP) $8,800 *less* than the Volt. Even with the Federal subsidy for the Volt, it would take 31 years to save the difference in gas ($4/gal).

Assuming that Co2 is the worst possible thing ever, does 365 evenings of coal-powered recharging release more or less Co2 than 11 gallons of diesel?


To add insult to injury, many feel the Volt is homely too. Sort of looks like three different teams were assigned to design front/middle/back and weren't allowed to compare notes.


This article points out that an electric car burns coal for power-- if that's where the electricity comes from.

Of course, far too much practical environmentalism is really just relocating the pollution to somebody else's back yard. An electric vehicle is excellent for this; you can have a nice clean car in SoCal and the pollution is emitted in one of those honkin' huge coal fired power plants in Nevada that I seem to remember driving past last time I drove out that way-- which was a long, long time ago, so if I'm wrong, I'll gladly let you correct me. "See me, I don't pollute!" And the smoke darkens the sky a hundred miles away.

Gordon C

Angelo, Do you remember the Ford "World Car" of the 90s (I think) maybe the Mondeo? They tried to build a car for all markets. Your description of the Volt reminded me of the late 90s Taurus with its square front but round aft.

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