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April 17, 2012


Tom Welch

In Europe, most people drive manual transmissions cars, whereas in America over 90 percent drive cars with automatics.


Diesel is well suited to producing torque at low/steady speeds. Precisely what is required to turn the generator in a hybrid. Gasoline is best at producing HP (quick acceleration)at a variety of speeds.

Therefore the real question is why are we not receiving Diesel powered hybrids? The answer is that there is collusion between government and industry to keep Diesel off of the market.

Diesel is produced with less refining than gasoline, therefore lower cost to produce. Diesel is priced at or above premium gasoline due to taxation.

Take away the taxation and Diesel is the runaway winner at a lower cost than gasoline and providing one-third additional mileage per unit.

The taxation was applied during the fuel embargo of 1974/5 precisely because people were beginning to switch to Diesel. Oil companies lose profit on Diesel.

Additionally the government is hell-bent on electric vehicles. They know that if Diesel were widely available people would not buy in to electrics.

The scheme is to move as much of the market as possible to electric vehicles. Once the electric market is saturated then you will see increased Diesel, but not at the cost of electrics.

Beyond that, without proper authorization no one may travel beyond their normal sector. Electrics serve to keep people within their sectors. Diesels with their extended range tend to promote wild-west mentality and driving beyond one's authorized sector.

Tony Wunsch

Some info on a high mileage Prius:


I love this blog. Hope to see a radio or watch post soon.

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