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April 22, 2012



Does that buyer have a rating? If they have purchased a lot on E-Bay and have a high rating, maybe they are just gone for a few days or something. The only time I can remember when I had a similar problem was when a guy in China bid on large Panasonic radio (3000 or 5000) when the listing clearly stated on international shipping. He said he was willing to pay the shipping---no matter how much. I got the information together and all the sudden, his E-Bay account was closed. The second highest bidder took the radio though, so I did okay.


I hope maybe he's just gone. I never thought of that. Perhaps I'm a paranoid dude who should avoid selling on eBay.

Neil Goldstein

How many days since the auction closed?

I know it's hard to imagine for those of us that use email every day (hour, minute?), but there are people out there that don't check messages daily, or don't have a sense of urgency when it comes to closing a transaction. I've had this happen, and when the bidder has a perfect record, they have always paid, but sometimes a bit late. I think eBay allows 4 days before considering the item not paid for. I have gotten payments on the 5th day a few times after a couple of friendly reminder emails. It's the bidders with bad ratings that you have to watch for. I have had people win items and THEN start asking question as to whether the item will fir their needs. Almost always they have less than an 80% rating when that happens.

I had one guy with a NEGATIVE transaction count once. He got it from doing just that: bidding and having the bids cancelled by the seller when he started backing out or giving an out-of-country address when it was clearly stated that the seller was shipping USA only.

I don't think a deposit would work for all items on eBay, but maybe for items starting over $200 or higher. A little insurance that the bidder has the funds would help. All-in-all I have to say I have had mostly good experiences and my rating (160 @ 100%) speaks for that.


Thanks for the info, Neil. The buyer won the bid yesterday so perhaps I'll get paid in the next few days. I believe I read eBay gives buyer 7 days to pay. At that point, I assume I could re-list the item.


patience. Not being paid after one day isn't uncommon.

Dave P

Glad to hear everything worked out. I've been selling/buying on eBay for over 10 years, but not so much lately. It can definitely be frustrating at times, but patience is important. I've had buyers take almost 2 weeks to pay. It's funny when they contact you 3 or 4 days later asking where the item is. That always kills me. Good luck with any future deals.


E-Bay 290699149445
I don't think I've seen this one before and I'm a sucker for shortwaves. If this was in better condition or if the price was lower, I'd probably bid on it or buy it. Problem is, there appears to be non-original parts on it----and some overall wear and tear. I don't think it's worth the asking price but it is really cool looking. Another neat Panasonic.


Some people use software to bid on an item if they are out-of-town, away from the Internet for a while, or want to "snipe" an auction. Due to Paypal security, they do actually have to be present to make the payment. As far as I know, one can't set up Paypal to "auto pay" an auction. I've been selling on Ebay for many years, some people pay immediately, others take a few days.

Ed S

Yeah, Jeff, get used to it. Buyers have 4 days to pay before you can file a deadbeat bidder claim. Many times I've had to resend invoices over and over. And as has been noticed, it's often the guys with big positive ratings. I have 605 perfect feedbacks, and always pay within an hour or two.
BTW, you the seller CANNOT give a buyer negative feedback anymore! eBay is as much fun anymore due to dumb rules like that!


I guess I got spoiled with people paying immediately. I always pay within a few min. Of buying! This lady has a great high rating and no negative feedback. She bought a purse from me yesterday and hasn't paid yet. All her reviews say fast payment a+++. So pay already!

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