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April 27, 2012


Ed S

There were some similar funky problems with tuning and lack of rf gain control in my sample a year ago that led me to quickly get rid of it. It coulda been a contender.

Keith B.

I think Gary and Ed must have both received defective units. Other reviews I've seen have been overwhelmingly positive. Ed, did you consider returning yours to Crane for a replacement? I've never purchased anything from them, but I hear their customer service is very good.


I received my replacement CCRadio-EP today.

Unfortunately, AM is not nearly as sensitive as it is on the first unit. Not even a trace of the LAX TIS station on 530 kHz comes in on the replacement unit, and this comes in clearly on the original unit and on the PR-D5. The Simi Valley TIS station, on the same frequency but about 90 degrees in azimuth from the LAX TIS, comes in weakly with the wide filter, but with no change in signal strength over almost 1/2" of the tuning dial, which is very strange. With the narrow filter, it doesn't come in at all. This station comes in strongly on the PR-D5. Another minus is that the dial calibration is way off on the replacement unit.

FM is even worse than on the first unit. Vast ranges of the band have absolutely no receivable signals. Only the very strongest stations are received with good quality. The band is filled with good signals on the PR-D5 and CCRadio-SW.

On the plus side, the tuning knob has no slop like it does on the first unit, but without decent reception this doesn't really matter much.

The speaker grill is missing some paint (chipped off) and has a sharp point where the grill meets the plastic cabinet at the top. It almost looks like someone tried to pry it off.

This is too bad. I guess I'll just cut my losses with the two defective units and get refunds for both of them. Now I can understand the wide variation in reviews on Amazon. I believe it's possible to get a good CCRadio-EP, as some people have, but it's also possible to get a bad one, as I have (twice).

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