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May 21, 2012


Karl Dahlquist

I don't understand why the radios would be any different from different sources...other than CCRANE might test them before shipping?


Karl - Based on the serial numbers, the Amazon radios were old stock. This may have contributed to the problem.

FARMERIK/Richard Hayden

How old can the stock be? I noticed quite a few of these radios showing up on ebay already. That suggests but of course does not prove unhappy buyers. My inexpensive SONY radios are extremely reliable and good performers too. Look here-
The new Sangean PR-D6 would be interesting, if it works correctly too. - FARMERIK

FARMERIK/Richard Hayden

I had a Sangean '818 years ago which was deaf on SW. I just was emailing with my brother and he still has the '818CS model. I am not certain of the numbers but they were popular Sangean radios sold by CCrane years ago. Mine died when only a few years old. His still works and has the built in cassette. There are many reviews at eHam.net and a few Sangean ATS-818/ Realistic DX 390 continued to work, but very few.
Too bad they still have similar problems so many years later.

Keith Beesley

Farmerik, I also have a DX-390 that still works :-). Maybe with radios made after about 1990 it's just the "luck of the draw" how well-made they are and how long they last. I've had two of the little Sangean pocket radios, one is still working fine, another one died but I think it was defective to begin with.

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