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July 04, 2012


Doug Rennie


Mine does not appear to have dual tuning speeds. I tried pushing and pulling the knob as I turned it, but this had no effect. That said, the tuning speed seems on the slower side, so precise tuning is smooth and easy. The may have been a feature that appears first on the 2800. Btw, audio is exceptional on the 2600.



Thank you Doug:
I wasn´t sure about this feature because I´ve bought this radio as broken about 2 years ago and I had it on the bench for sooo looong time trying to fix many issues it had that by the time I´ve finished it, I don´t remember what I did !!! Hehehe the Alzheimer it´s coming !

For ]some time I had this radio playing OK but I didn´t like the slow speed tunning and I always longed for the double speed feature like its brother RF-2900 has. Recently I opened the radio to make a little mod with the lamps when I noticed that this radio has a very similar mechanism to the RF2900, and I also noticed a safety pin blocking the pulling action of the tunning shaft and I thought "What an idiot I am for putting that safety pin in there when in fact it does nothing but blocking the pull action" so I took it away and the radio work has the same feature like the RF2900 has, The safety pin serves has no other purpose than to block the pull action to engage the fast speed.

The radio works so fine and flawesly that for some time I though it was my fault for bad assemblying the radio, but lately I began to wonder "What if Panasonic designed the radio that way ?" ..... So I had to ask... So one more time Thank you Doug for helping me here.

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