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July 15, 2012


Doug Spoelker

Ante, is that the Mutant Internet radio I have seen on Amazon? Doug.


Doug, this radio looks almost exactly the same as Mutant Internet Radio, which I own, but it's actually digital/fm radio with recording function. However, it looks like it's not possible to program delayed recording; you can only record while listening to the radio.

Doug Spoelker

Do you own a Mutant, and if so do you like it? Thanks, Doug.


Is it a Fulljoin PPS003 ?

Bob Balser

On ebay UK sometimes


I also own the wifi/fm version, the Mutant and I love it!! It's my most often used radio nowadays, tons of stations all over the world, pocket sized and great sound in a small package.


So for those of us in North America, where there's no DAB/DAB+ broadcasting, this would just be an FM radio with built-in recording?

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