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July 13, 2012


Ed S.

The funniest story written on the subject:


Interesting. My prep for my "procedure" was a bit different. Received a large bottle of Miralax. Had to get a 64oz bottle of Gatorade ( no red, blue colorings) and received 4 Ducolax tablets. Day before the procedure at 1pm mix the powdered Miralax in the Gatorade and shake really well. Refrigerate. At 2pm take all 4 Ducolax tabs...At 4pm start drinking the Gatorade, 8oz every 15 minutes till gone. About 8 pm the rumbling started and lasted till 3 am..MAN, was that an experience in a half.
The procedure....Well, I was awake ( the sedative didn't faze me at all) and watched the whole procedure on a monitor. Actually it was very neat to watch, felt nothing. 33 polyps with 18 polyps removed.
The procedure went by quick and painlessly, well, except for the night before.
Well, the results...it found cancer for sure...And I am looking at the start of chemo and a whole lot of changes....So it goes...


Chip, I hope you beat it at an early stage. Did you have symptoms before the procedure?


The biggest electronics market of all, the Hua Qiang Bei market in Shenzhen, China:


Long story short...Back injury, 3 compressed disk fractures...not healing...Dr. after Dr. visit and nothing was working..sudden weight loss, figured I was not eating a lot due to pain and loss of mobility...My Dr. decided to do full CAT Scan and then a Bone Scan and it started showing things that waved red flags. Colonoscopy first. Then Bone Marrow biopsy ( WHICH FRIGGIN HURTS LIKE ALL HELL) and now surgery to remove a lymph node in my neck and getting a chemo port in my chest. 58 years old and a new adventure starts. Lost my job due to missing way to much work and being so darn fatigued.
BUT, I found a great diet....went from 300+ to 189 in fairly short order...Just when I was going to try to pickup a decent shortwave receiver..money draining away....And it will get better, so they say.. Prognosis..POSITIVE ATTITUDE and do what they say. And yeah, I still have backpain and am taking heavy duty painkillers to deal with that, too.

PAY ATTENTION to your body and DO NOT blow off getting tests done that they say you should when you get over 50!!!! And when things don't feel right DO NOT IGNORE that!! I had some warning signs that I sort of ignored cause I was so tuff, HA! I don't get sick, HA!


It sounds like you're fighting the fight with gusto. Let us know how things turn out.

Keith Beesley

Good advice, Chip. Best of luck. The radio-obsessed community is pulling for you!

Bill Bush

Pitfall to avoid: ADD NO ZERO NONE ice cubes to the solution you must drink. Just chill in fridge. The ice cubes increase the volume you must drink, which you most assuredly DO NOT want to happen. I personally like the drugs during the procedure. One of the best naps I ever had. I came to for one glance at the monitor, saw nothing I wanted to see again, changed channel back to ZZZZZZ.

This test beats hell out of the alternative, and best of luck to all in keeping up with this issue. Pure luck and a doctor's diagnostic persistence saved my mom's life. My sister and I use this test as our safeguard, because we might not be lucky enough to already be in the hospital when when we start running half a degree of fever that a great disgnostician notices.

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