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July 06, 2012



My 2006 iMac is running Lion right now...


Your 2008 iMac can handle up to 6GB of RAM, by utilizing a 4GB module in one memory slot, and a 2GB module in the other. I've found Lion runs well with 6GB of RAM on the older hardware such as your iMac. You will lose the ability for both memory channels to be used in parallel at one time with this configuration, but the added benefits of the extra RAM outweigh that one disadvantage with most computing tasks.

A great resource for finding out what specifications your Mac has is http://everymac.com. They have almost every Mac ever released documented there.

You might want to think about updating to Mountain Lion when it comes out later this summer. As someone who has access to the developer previews, without getting into specifics, it's much snappier on some of the older hardware than Lion was - they've clearly done some optimizing of code with the new OS.

If you decide to upgrade to a new iMac soon, the newest models handle up to 32 GB.

A. Black

Software Defined Radio: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2012/07/how-software-defined-radio-could-revolutionize-wireless/

Jack Marshall

"Upgrading" your OS, whether Mac or PC, is always a mixed bag. My late '07 MacBook (plastic) runs Lion okay with 4G of memory, but that being said, the practical benefit is rather slight in routine use.

With more of what I do with my computers (Mac at home, PC at work) becoming Web-based, I'm finding that the software I use and the platform it runs on are becoming less critical.


You know, I've never heard anybody complain "This is a nice computer, but darn it, it just has too much memory."

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