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July 02, 2012


Doug T.

If you want to buy a Pebble Smartwatch, it is no problem -- you can buy it here:


There is a review here:


At this point, I don't plan to buy one. Looking at the photo here, I think it is a little ugly and the "fit and finish" is sloppy:


Admittedly, it is on a woman's wrist, but if I wanted to wear a digital watch, I'd prefer to wear a Casio. (The flexibility of the apps doesn't seem like a plus to me -- I don't carry a smartphone, and when I do, I really don't need a watch with apps.)

Bill Bush

And the essential difference between this and just using your cell phone as a watch is what? Having it on your wrist? Or is that the only difference between any watch and a cellphone? (not a literal question)

I think this is a case where the first one out of the gate may not have the best display, and you're already late the the first edition party, maybe?

Does this have what you like about watches?

Keith Beesley

I love the style/design, but, as Bill says, I don't really see the need for a smart watch. If you already carry a smart phone, who needs it? I suppose in five or ten years' time we'll all be able to wear a device on our wrist that combines time-telling and smartphone features.

Michael Brent

O.K. I think its time for a watch intervention.
I really like this website. Ive been coming here for years and have enjoyed it immensely.
Jeffs writings and the many reviews of technology
of all kinds have been thoughtful and illuminating.
But this mania about watches is becoming bizarre.
I used to to take my mother, my girlfriend and my sister shoe shopping at the same time{ God help me}
and even they didn't carry on about shoes the way some of you guys fuss over watches.
A f**king cell phone can tell you what time it is.
Everything else is just bling.
Ya know, like gold teeth.

Keith Beesley

@ Michael, is it any weirder to obsess over watches than radios? After all, as my wife says, they all (radios) do basically the same thing ;-).

If you don't enjoy the watch posts, don't read them.



Michael Brent

Actually I do enjoy the watch posts.
I mean with names like Invicta Ocean Speedway Reserve , Black Venom Combat Mark 3 and Casio Pathfinder Titanium how could I not.
I'm retired now but I spent most of my life in sales and marketing and I am in awe of the people who come up with the names of these things.
I mean no offense honestly.

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