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August 08, 2012



Jeff, you're getting comment spam from user 'camera' pretending to be real reviews. May want to ban his IP address.


Thanks, Paul.


Your efforts have borne fruit with me in the form of contributing to a severely abused wallet, partially inspired by your excellent pictures of massive Invicta timepieces.

I discovered your blog through google image searches for watches and found that your photos are generally the best out there. The Invicta stock photos, especially the awful digital drawing mockups, don't do their watches justice, and don't give a sense of what they "really" look like. For instance, I had no idea based upon Invicta's photos just how amazing a watch the 6903 is, or the 6661 (which I just won an auction for...finally!).

My only request is that you do more shots on your wrist because that gives us (me) a better sense of how the watch actually looks on a human being. But keep up the good work, and keep putting photos up of your watches. I'd love to see more comparison shots. For instance, how does the Sea Hunter look alongside the Specialty Reserves?


I remain mixed toward Invicta. They charge too much for watches that have mineral crystal, called flame fusion. AFter $350 or so, their watches should have sapphire. Also, they need better lume on a lot of their models. Finally, their customer service cannot support all their buyers. But the look at price point can be compelling and addicting.


I'll see if I can get my wife to take some wrist shots, but with the twin toddlers running around it's hard . . .

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