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August 19, 2012



Got one at Radio Shack in April for $90. What a great sounding radio! Sensitive on SW with external antenna. I wish that it had ATS or ETM but I love the tuning knob - big and smooth, the best bar my Sony 2010. Very happy with it.


Is your digital tuner accurate? I took one back, although the sound was great, the fact that the tuner was off (both AM and FM) really bothered me - it is digital.


It's accurate on my S450DLX.

Ed S.

I had 3 samples of the 450. Two lost the entire FM band after a couple days or weeks. All were off on FM frequencies by 100kHz. Could have been a nice set, but has too many quality issues.


The readout on mine is spot on. However there's a nasty digital hash squeal on AM/MW whenever the dial is turned (it stops when you quit turning the dial), and there's a few internal birdie heterodynes (whistles) that make some stations unlistenable.

Thanks to Rat Shack's return policy I turned it in for another one. It had the same problem.

Also it can not handle being anywhere near a radio transmitter. I live about 1/3 mile away from a 5KW (1KW nights) station on 1430 and that station bleeds all over the SW bands. In all fairness it happens on the G5 and YB400 as well (though not nearly as bad), however and the old Realistic DX440, DX400, Panasonic RF-2200, and Sony 7600D have no problem with it.

I'd say over all reception on all bands (minus the heterodynes) is about the same as the 350 and 350DL, and I wasn't impressed with the two 350 models at all.

Bill DeFelice

Dannibal asks about the accuracy of the tuning on the 450. This was (yet) another reason I brought back my 350, as the display was inaccurate more often than not. My 450 has been dead on since I got it.

I really didn't notice the digital hash squeal while tuning but it sounds quite different from my other trusty Radio Shack rig, the DX-302. While the 450 may be my knock-around all purpose radio I may get inspired and replace all the electrolytic caps in the 302. Once I organize the den this may once again have a prominent place next to my vintage E. H. Scott SLR-12

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