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August 13, 2012


vimal oberoi

"Senta Earphones From C. Crane",as reviewed by Jay Allen



I'd Love, love, LOVE to have a decent SD and/or USB radio mp3 recorder or even just player combination that was decent. I have everything from the various "Supersonic"? "Quantum FX" attempts (J-101U, SC-1087, FX J-90U, SC-1089, SC-1086 "Unirex" RX-110) to the HUGE killer bommboxes from Lasonic (i931X and i931), built in flash Degen DE1123 and the Tecsun PL398MP. Nobody has it right yet. I'm tempted by the Grundig G2 Reporter and this new offering, but it seems to be the same old lackluster effort as seen before, only this time with a recoding function.
Sooner or later someone will get it right..or at least I hope so, but it seems that it hasn't happened yet. Why? Way back in the early '80s there were cassette recorder/radio combinations known as "boomboxes" with every function you could imagine that not only did the job, but did it well. There were even GE Superadio cassette combinations that blow way everything available today.Here we are 30 years later with much better technology, yet there's nothing on the market that's even remotely comparable. It makes no sense. They can do so much more for so much less and yet don't bother.

I honestly don't get it.

Keith Beesley

Drive-In-Freak, my theory (which I may have stated here before, forgive me if I repeat myself): Mp3 players/recorders are tiny computers designed to do one thing: record and play back audio. As all AM and SW fans know, proximity to a computer causes interference on LW/MW/SW. The engineers haven't figured out how to put both components in one box (or the implementation of their designs is so poor) without the computer causing interference to the radio tuner. That's why you see so few mp3 players with AM tuners.

I'm considering the DE1121; it has dual-conversion instead of DSP, but possibly the larger cabinet allowed them to put the mp3 recorder farther away from the radio tuner inside.


That's a very good point.

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