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August 29, 2012



New from Logitech, another Internet radio:


I'm a big proponent of the "multiple intelligences" theory (see Howard Gardner and others). Maybe your IQ is down, but it could be that other forms of intelligence have developed more strongly.

Bob C.

Please let me know if my previous comment does anything for you because those concepts haven't done a thing for me at home!

But, we're right......


My wife who works like I do lacks sleep and me time as well so I can't get special sympathy.


My girls are 7 and almost 4. The first would wake up a lot at night until she was about 5. We even ended up bringing her bed (back) into our bedroom when she was about 5 because I got sick of propelling myself out of bed three or four times a night to calm her. She's been a much better sleeper for the last couple of years.

Our younger daughter (who will be four in about a month) has been waking up crying some, but is generally a much better sleeper. She'll often just find her way into our bedroom.

My point being, if it is your little ones that are keeping you from getting sleep, it does get better! I've also found that having children required me to get over being a super night owl. I used to stay up until 2am almost every night, now a late night is midnight. I need my seven hours.

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