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August 03, 2012


Ken K. in NJ

I'm with you, I love it when I get a chance to recommend a radio. Just recently my sister in law in Texas asked me for advice for a portable radio to use while gardening. She didn't paticularly want digital, and she wanted something lightweight and easy to carry, preferably with a handle. And it had to be able to pick up a couple of lower power AM stations she listens to.

She loves her new Sony ICF-38.

J Maffuccio

I am convinced the 38 will become a legend someday. It's solid and simple, and built to outlast alot of it's contemporaries. We tend to overlook it right now because it doesn't grab us like a Sangean WR or CCRadio EP but it will always be there, in the background doing its job and covered with paint, grime, and grease.

Just my thoughts.


When I steer someone toward a good radio, I feel like I've improved the planet's collective consciousness and glow with self-congratulation for several hours.


Yes, the after purchase/usage report is crucial to the enjoyment of the process. Though the anticipation of finding that you have created another radiophile or DXer is perhaps the kernel in the feeling.


I find myself completely torn after reading your blog and recommendations. So many radios to choose from. I was going to grab the Sangean PR-D5, but now I'm debating between that and the Sangean WR-11, Sangean WR-12 (when it comes out), Sangean WR-2, and the CCRadio-EP. I really just want a good radio to sit plugged in on my office desk and pick up good FM/AM and occasionally play music from my iPod most likely through 3.5mm and not BlueTooth. The amateur in my wants digital for easy station finding, but it seems analogue is still the way to go. Can you talk me from the edge of the cliff and convince me not to blow too much money on a radio that is beyond my appreciation?


If your office doesn't have interference, you should be able to meet your needs with the Sangean WR-2 digital radio. Let us know what you do.


That Sangean WR-12 does look pretty nice. I'm thinking about preordering it before Amazon tacks on California sales tax on Friday. I might also pick up a ICF-38. How do you think the Japanese made SONY ICF-801 compares to the ICF-38?

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