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August 01, 2012


vimal oberoi

An eye opener review of DRM radio Newstar DR111


Michael Brent

Yeah I bought a brand new Sangean SR35,s on Amazon and I swear the thing was broken.
I have to press down on the tuning wheel to get sound out of it and when I take my finger off the wheel it goes off. The SR35 originally cost about $35.00 and was reviewed by Jay Allen so I thought for $18.00 its a steal.
I have a Sangean DT200VX and its worked great for years so I assumed the SR would work as well.
I agree that Amazon must be selling off seconds or factory rejects.

vimal oberoi

Video review of DRM radio Newstar DR111

Jack Marshall

I'm not as sure it's Amazon. I think it's more likely shoddy QC and business practices from manufacturers and distributors. I've had similar disappointments Universal Radio, Kaito USA, and the worst and most notable example directly from CCrane. The combination of farming out the manufacturing and just-in-time distribution to the lowest bidder has made for declining product quality.

I hate to sound like an old curmudgeon, but it seems they really don't make 'em like they used to.

Neil Goldstein

I hate to disagree because it makes me sound grouchy. So far my experiences with Amazon have been great. I usually stick to items with free shipping, and returns have not been so difficult. They even fixed an ordering error I had made once when ordering tax software, and accidentally ordered the PC version when I needed the Mac version. I find their customer service easily accessible, and friendly to deal with.

I would love to buy at a brick-and-mortar store, but here on Long Island, no one sells Shortwave or Amateur Radio gear, with the exception of Radio Shack, and the Hamfests, which I will wait for if there is one coming. Even at a Hamfest though, the chances of finding something like a Grundig G-4000 is pretty slim. Radio Shack does carry some nice radios, but customer service at Radio Shack is a roll of the dice, depending on the quality of the manager, and his staff. Some are better than others.

I will agree that the overall quality of these radios peaked around 2008 or so, and seems to be in steady decline now. My Redsun RP-2000 is a horrible radio, constantly requiring jiggling of the controls or a reset to work properly, and my Tecsun PL-390 has a strange issue where if I don't use it at least weekly, the controls tend to "freak-out" when I go to use it next and have to spend 5 minutes working the dials and pressing buttons to alleviate the problem. I see the same thing in the Chinese Amateur Radio gear too. Although some of the radios are made to last, many are not.


I've also gotten seconds from Amazon - "new" radios that had scratched faces and other idiosyncrasies related to wear.

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