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September 01, 2012



Maybe you and Invicta need relationship counseling? I checked out their Sunday Run today----but the offering was almost $200.00 and it didn't knock my socks off. In your case----I don't think this is a situation where you've fallen out of love. To carry your analogy a bit----I think you're a watch swinger. You started to spend way too much time with the same "woman" and woke up one morning feeling that you've suddenly "fallen out of love." Nonsense. You weren't "in love" in the first place. Watch swingers don't fall in love. You were very, very infatuated with this lady, who was showing you a good time----showing you things you had never seen before----not really a "cheap date" but certainly not as high maintenance as others you'd been with. But after so many months of being with this "one" you woke up thinking you need to sow your wild oats again----and took out your little black book and found Ms. Seiko's number. "Lady Invicta" still has everything you liked----but perhaps you're just sort of burned out and need a break. I have a feeling you'll be back. Sadly, Ms. Nixon hasn't had a call from you in years.


Nicely amusing analysis on "watch swinger psychology," Angelo.

Jeff, I think of this in the context of watch obsession (addiction) as a whole. We have to remember that we don't necessarily see a watch as it is, but with a kind of "psychological hue" over it depending upon where we are at. I've been obsessed with my Specialty Reserves and Capsule over the last few weeks and haven't worn anything else; just yesterday I put on my Ocean Speedway 0762 and, after a brief period of hesitant adjustment, am enjoying it afresh (This also happens with my smaller, 40-44mm, watches; when I put them on they look tiny and ridiculous, but after a few hours my eyes adjust and they look good).

Certainly tastes do change, but it may be that after a break you'll come back and see (and enjoy) your Invictas again. I would suggest that, for the next month or three, both entering a "NBZ" for Invictas and even not wearing them until and only if you really end up yearning to wear one. If not, then go ahead and start selling them off, starting with those you haven't worn in ages.

That said, I've also been casting my eyes more and more to the world beyond Invicta, in particular Seiko, but also Android, Stuhrling Original, and others in the mid-range of prices ($100-500). A lot of this simply has to do with the fact that I've spent so many hours (upon hours upon hours) browsing Invicta watches and simply want something else to obsess over.

Also, as I mentioned on my blog, I'm finding myself "shotgun purchasing" less and less and taking more of a "sniper" approach - honing in and purchasing only those watches I really like, not just the ones that I like but are a good deal. This is easier said than done. You could do the same with your Invictas: go through them and pull out the ones that you don't "love" and sell them. I would wait at least a month to do this, however, so you can "re-set" your eyes and don't do anything you regret (that is, sell off watches that you'll miss).


A postscript. Considering just how many watches Invicta makes, you might simply want to look beyond your usual range of browsing. I know that whenever I step out of my usual browsing haunts--Ocean Speedways and Reefs, SAS, Subaqua Nomas, etc--I end up finding a completely new Invicta that I've never seen before and like.

Then there's the matter of just how differently they look in the stock photo vs. a more naturalistic picture. A case in point is the 6903, which was my first SAS and is one of my favorite watches. I was never that crazy about that watch until I saw YOUR pictures, which were very different than the stock photos on Amazon and Ebay (that's also how I found your blog - Google images). I've seen this countless times, which is why I almost never purchase a watch until I've found a more natural photo.

But again, I'm all with you about Seiko. My wishlists are still dominated by Invicta, but more and more Seikos are sneaking in. Their range isn't quite as diverse but they have a ton of watches and do have quite a range. You might want to check out Festina, Sturhling Original, and Android as well. Or you could just save up your watch buying dollars for six months or a year, or just sell a kidney, and get a Breitling.


I read that Festina is low quality but what's funny is I'd swear Seiko makes those for Festina. They have a lot of the Seiko look.

I agree that I may just need an Invicta break but also identity is part of it. I'd rather be a "Seiko person" than an "Invicta person." But in truth I am both persons.


One of the things I like about being an "Invicta person" is that I'm not. A female friend of mine, remarking about my big watches, recently told me that (in paraphrase) "Of all the people to wear such a watch, you're the last person that I would have thought of, but at the same time it also makes a weird, even perfect, kind of sense."

When I see the Invicta adds for the cheesy (and douchy) Miami Beach lifestyle, I don't resonate at all. I'm a nearly-40 father of two who teaches at a hippyish private high school, writes fantasy and science fiction, is obsessed with Eastern philosophy and other esoteric traditions, dabbles in art, is a baseball and tennis fan, and loves watches. I'm not an Invicta person, yet I am.

But yeah, as far as identity, I agree: be both, not just because it makes you (in a general sense) more interesting, but because that is who you are. Maybe your "Seiko side" just needs more nourishing!

And of course you have this Breitling person wanting to come out, but maybe that's a chimera?


Sounds like my favorite philosophy, Daoism, or is it Taoism?


It is usually spelled "Taoism" but it is pronounced "Daoism," just as "ching" should be "jing." I don't know why it is spelled that way - some academic mistake, I'd imagine. "Tao te Ching" is actually pronounced "Dao de Jing."

But yeah, Taoism is pretty much the essence of most or even all Eastern spiritual traditions and, to some extent, the esoteric Western ones. Most religions layer on a lot of stuff, but Taoism--at least original Taoism ala Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu--is very "simple" (or at least not complex). Even later Taoism got bogged down with unnecessary mysticism and occultism.

It isn't unlike comparing the basic teachings of Jesus, which are basically loving others as yourself and recognizing that "heaven" is within, got twisted and layered on by two thousand years of clergy trying to control the masses, but I won't go there...(but I just did?)


On a completely unrelated note, could you by any chance take a picture of the Black Monster next to an SAS? I'm trying to get a sense of how much smaller it is.

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