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September 20, 2012



Herc: Tread carefully. I think the "PREDICTABLE" trend is what you point to. But as we know, in fashion (and let's face it, we're talking fashion here) trends can be very unpredictable. "Stepping down" a few MMs might be where we are headed. But other possibilities: Large diameter watches, but extremely thin, like coins. Medium sized diameters, but very thick/chunky----instead of the diameter getting noticed, the thickness will be noticed, with coin edges or other dimensional treatments around the edge. "Smaller is Better" and we go back to the 30s in diameter----and thin, like my prized Movado, which I still love. This can go anywhere if you think about it.


But growth-hormone-fed watches are so big they can only deflate some. Think of the 22-inch rims back in 2005. We're at 18 or 19 tops for premium cars.


Fashions fade, style is eternal. -YSL


Fashion shmashion. I wear what I like, not what is fashionable. Actually, the more my preferred styles fall out of fashion the better, because the prices will fall.

As far as watch size goes, my preferred range is 45-50mm across the dial, but I will wear slightly above or below that, with a wider range of 42-52mm; anything above or below that I won't buy. As a general but not absolute rule, the further away from the sweet-spot of about 47-48mm, the more the size detracts from my liking of the watch.

To put it another way, I would prefer if all of my watches that are below about 45mm were a tad bigger, and that all of my watches above about 50mm were a tad smaller. The perfect size watches for me are the Capsule and Ocean Speedways.

Bubba Gordo

That Seiko watch depicted above represents a close copy of the vintage Rolex Air-King (circa 1960).

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